Overflow Pressure filling machine, Overflow Filler


An overflow filling machine could be a distinctive piece of packaging instrumentality that fills each bottle to a similar level, notwithstanding the inside volume of the individual containers.

Instead of filling by volume or weight, the overflow filler uses a nozzle that, once the liquid reaches an explicit level within the instrumentation, overflows the product into a holding tank.

By making a seal over the bottle and permitting the product to recirculate, the overflow filler creates a novel fill-to-level system.

The distinctive nozzle of the overflow filling machine is often wont to produce each semi-automatic and automatic bottle filler, with the principle being similar for either level of automation.

As nozzles dive down into the bottles, a nozzle seal covers the bottle gap to forestall leaks or spills, waterproofing the instrumentation for the length of the fill.

Spacers are used on the nozzle itself to realize the required level for the fill within the bottle. These spacers are created to be simply adjustable on every nozzle to permit changes to the fill levels.

Together with simply adjustable height and nozzle dimension, one overflow filler will generally handle a large variety of bottle shapes and sizes.

The obvious advantage of the fill-to-level system could be a machine that permits merchandise packaged in clear containers to own an identical look once on the shelf.

Things like drinking water, distilled spirits, window cleaners, and additional, profit in look and build client trust once every instrumentation seems stuffed to a similar level with a similar quantity of product.

Additionally, the overflow filler could be a good way to systematically and faithfully fill merchandise that foam.

As merchandise – suppose soap – foam within the bottle throughout the fill, the overflow primarily permits liquid to still flow into, and overflow out of, the bottle till the froth is eliminated.

Overflow filling machine principle

Overflow filling machines are wont to fill a large variety of water-thin to low-viscosity liquids into most containers. Overflow fillers offer a similar cosmetic fill level, creating them ideal for filling clear containers that have got to have an identical fill level.

How it works:

The supply aspect (dark blue) of a two-part nozzle is used to pump the product into the instrumentation. Once the instrumentation fills up to the target fill height, the surplus product and foam are forced out of the instrumentation (red arrows) via the come aspect to the first product supply tank.


This type of filler is best fitted to liquids with low to medium viscousness. Liquids with solid particulates, not extraordinary 1/16″ can even be stuffed. Note that overflow fillers are the machine alternative for handling foamy merchandise at higher speeds.


Sauces, syrups, lightweight gels and shampoos, foamy cleansers and chemicals, water, and different non-carbonated binary compound beverages.


High performance, simple to wash, simple to control, expandable at low value. Offers the best flexibility at a very cheap value,

bottle necessities for overflow filling machine

When bottles are factory-made, a shot is formed to stay the method as consistent as a potential for obvious reasons.

Most packagers need each instrumentation to appear kind of like facilitate boost shelf charm and even little inconsistencies might not be specifiable exploitation of the oculus.

However, once liquids are adscititious to bottles with slight variations in interior volume, the visible fill level will vary, even if a similar quantity of product is a gift in every instrumentation.

The overflow filling machine is employed to combat these inconsistencies in volume by filling each bottle to a similar actual level, despite the interior volume.

Overflow fillers succeed in this level fill by using a distinctive nozzle that not solely seals over the bottle gap, but permits the product to flow back through the nozzle to the holding tank or reservoir, therefore eliminating product waste also. Because the nozzle seals over the bottle, the fill port is opened, permitting the product to enter the bottle.

Once the merchandise reaches the required level within the instrumentation, controlled by exploitation spacers on every of the fill heads, the merchandise exits the bottle via the main port, “overflowing” out of the bottle and into the tank or reservoir.

This principle is often used for free-flowing merchandise in containers each giant and little, although nice variations in size could need completely different nozzle sizes for potency functions.

As noted on top, the amount of fill will mean that the particular volume of the product can vary from instrumentation to instrumentation.

Whereas this may be a priority to industries like distilled spirits, prescription drugs, and others with volume necessities, most industries can have a target volume together with an appropriate vary. In most cases, the amendment in interior volume is thus slight that the danger of falling outside of the appropriate variety is sort of non-existent.

However, packagers with this concern can need to visualize with their bottle makers to make sure that interior volume won’t vary greatly and will need to embody some form of internal control sign on their packaging method.

benefits of the overflow filler

  • It is often wont to fill little bottles.
  • This machine will handle varied ranges of skinny, free-flowing, and different liquids with medium viscousness.
  • The machine performs terribly with efficiency.
  • Since the liquids it will fill have low and medium viscousness, the speed of filling this merchandise is comparatively high.
  • This machine is simple to control.
  • The machine is efficient. The machine is often manipulated to fill and cap varied merchandise at an awfully low value.
  • It is good for foamy merchandise since it operates on a closed-loop basis.


Overflow filling instrumentality works on the principle of filling to grade within the instrumentation. Even once the interior volume of instrumentation could vary slightly, the special nozzles used on these filling machines make sure that each instrumentation reaches a similar level. Overflow fillers are ideal for skinny to medium-consistency merchandise and work particularly well with a product that foam.

Overflow filling machines are a perfect answer for glass and different clear containers, sort of a typical 750ml distilled spirits bottle or clear plastic drinkable bottles. By filling to grade, this sort of bottle filler ensures a fair, consistent end, excellent for shelf show.